RTK 2.2.0 Released

RTK v2.2.0 has just been released, about fourteen months after RTK v2.1.0. This release is intended to produce python packages compatible with ITK v5.1.1 and v5.1.2 (current release on pypi.org). I will soon prepare another release for ITK v5.2.

Release notes:
  • New projectors with PSF correction for SPECT reconstruction
  • New quadratic regularization in OSEM
  • Progress reporters for FDK and iterative reconstruction algorithms
  • New continuous integration using Github actions, following ITKModuleTemplate
  • Alignment with ITK developments
  • Enhanced Python wrappings
  • Many compilation, bug and style fixes

Many thanks to all contributors for this release, in alphabetical order: Sebastien Brousmiche, Aurélien Coussat, Julien Finet, Lucas Gandel, Hans Johnson, Matt McCormick, Antoine Robert, MrTzschr, Simon Rit, Pierre-Antoine Rodesch and Vincent Libertiaux.

As usual, be aware that we do not focus on releases since we have a public github repository that we aim at keeping stable. I still recommend the use of the master HEAD over releases to enjoy the new RTK developments before their release. Corresponding python packages can now be downloaded from the Github action. We still have a few on-going projects for which we will use and enhance RTK.

RTK is available for download from the download page. It is also available through GIT.

Simon (for the RTK consortium)