RTK 1.3.0 Released

The RTK consortium is pleased to announce the release of RTK v1.3.0. The new release is the result of our continuous efforts to improve the platform.

The main features that have been developed since the previous release are:

  • Style updated (follow more closely latest ITK guidelines).
  • Started using Travis CI, github pull requests should now be used for code submission.
  • New pre-processing functionalities:
    • CUDA polynomial gain correction,
    • scatter glare correction,
    • lag correction,
    • idark option,
    • removed threshold to positive values after i0 LUT.
  • Improved CUDA forward and backprojection speed using projection slabs.
  • Added motion-compensated forward and back projection operators in CUDA, in both 3D and 4D.
  • Added the rtkregularizedconjugategradient application, which performs 3D regularized reconstruction by conjugate gradient + optional regularizations (Positivity, TV, Wavelets).
  • Made the rtkfourdrooster, rtkmcrooster and rtkregularizedconjugategradient fully modular. Each regularization step can be made active or inactive.
  • Added a filter to minimize the L0 norm of the temporal gradient (one-D only).

RTK is available for download from the download page. It is also available through GIT