RTK 2.0.0 Released

RTK v2.0.0 has just been released, about one year after RTK v1.4.0. The change of major version indicates that there has been a major refactoring of the code to let RTK compile as an ITK external or remote module.

Release notes:

  • Refactoring of the repository to follow the structure of ITK's modules.
  • Removal of SimpleRTK wrapping.
  • Development of ITK's python wrapping.
  • Spectral CT developments: implementation of Mechlem's one-step inversion, adaptation of the conjugate gradient algorithm to vector projections.
  • Implementation of (ordered subsets) expectation maximization.
  • Development of attenuated forward and backprojectors.

Many thanks to all contributors, in alphabetical order for this release: Andreas Gravgaard Andersen, Antoine Robert, Chao Wu, Cyril Mory, Dženan Zukić, Hans Johnson, Lucas Gandel, Matt McCormick, Sébastien Brousmiche, Simon Rit and Thomas Baudier.

As usual, be aware that we don't focus on releases since we have a public github repository that we try to keep stable. I still recommend the use of the master HEAD over releases to enjoy the new RTK developments before their release. We still have a few on-going projects for which we will use and enhance RTK.

RTK is available for download from the download page. It is also available through GIT.

Simon (for the RTK consortium)