RTK 1.1.0 Released

The RTK consortium is pleased to announce the release of RTK v1.1.0. The new release is the result of our continuous efforts to improve the platform.

The main features that have been developed since the previous release are:

  • SimpleRTK to run RTK filters (even the CUDA ones) from python scripts, C# code, and more
  • new projection pre-processing options (i0 calculation, scatter correction, water pre-correction)
  • extraction of the respiratory phase from cone-beam projections
  • linear programming for field-of-view computation based on a third party software, lp solve 5.5
  • management of off-center detector in iterative methods
  • new iterative 3D and 4D reconstruction methods with Daubechies wavelets regularization
  • new iterative 4D reconstruction method with motion-aware regularization
  • reduction of memory footprint, especially GPU memory
  • many new CUDA filters
  • more robust (many bugs and memory leaks fixed)
  • use of MathJax to display formulas in the documentation, e.g., here.

RTK is available for download from the download page. It is also available through GIT